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09-18-2011, 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Maybe not, but nothing else has ever gotten through to these guys. They either need to:

a.) Learn how to play the darn game

b.) Seek help from the PvP community

But they instead choose
c.) Randomly **** around and break things

We've tried diplomacy. We've tried being nice, writing long intelligent posts. Doesn't work. We keep getting stupid **** that unbalances the game. And lately the pace of destruction has rapidly accelerated. Tough love might not work, hell it probably won't and maybe nothing will -- but it's about the only tool left at this point.
I understand the frustration too. Honestly I don't play much PvP because the balance issues. I did a lot in the begging but it just wasn't fun. Id love to be able to get back in it and Id love be able to stop dealing with all these changes on the PvE side of things to balance out the PvP. I just want to see one huge balance pass were everything is fixed at once. This will require a lot of input from the community. From Heretics post it sounds like this is a later on down the road kind of an overhaul. For now all I expect they can do is take care of exploitative balance issues.

In the time being were all gonna have to wait it out till more pressing matters are taken care of. Hurley I'd hate to see you burn your bridges between now and when they make their PvP focus because you do have some good ideas and a great base of knowledge and experience in PvP. It would be a shame when this process kicks off if your not a part of it.