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09-18-2011, 03:51 PM
A thick skin is pretty much mandatory for dev posting on forums.

Nobody has a monopoly on "the truth" when it comes to balancing - developers included. All of us have pieces of information the others do not, and only very rarely is there ever any sort of true consensus - what one person thinks "obviously is the solution" is rarely as universal an opinion as they might believe.

Development has the task of pulling together the information from the disparate opinions and impressions of players to numerical analysis to technical constraints to impact on every part of the game, and fitting a plan into a very packed schedule.

There was a comment in another thread about maximum target restrictions being necessary for technical reasons, with one player saying it did not matter.

That, in fact, is exactly the point; these things do in fact matter to those who have to build and maintain this system, and must be taken into consideration by development. I do not have the luxury of ignoring what our engineering department says, nor the inheritance structure of the data, nor the schedule that Production lays out, nor the publicly available information that Marketing indicates, nor the art budgets, nor a dozen other considerations and limitations.

These are immensely complicated systems, and the reason we encourage discussion and feedback from the forums is because there is a concrete and definable benefit to drawing upon the experience and opinions of the community.

I greatly appreciate and will continue to take into account all responses that are productive, reasonable and civil. Inflammatory or uncivil responses will simply result in that poster being ignored, and thus no longer able to contribute effectively to the discussion, ultimately helping nothing.