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09-18-2011, 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by Commodore_Stipe
The part in red I take exception to. That is your opinion and not fact. Simply because someone would tend to RP or PvE more than PvP doesn't mean squat in term of knowledge. I could just as easily say that PvP know nothing but I won't. Everyone has got their opinion and insights. One is no less valid than the other. If PvP people have a proble with a particular power being over powered or under powered... fine however, their opinion or knowledge is no better or worse thatn anyone else who has spent equal time playing the game.
Hurly can come off as condescending... personal jibs aside, he is pretty much correct.

When it comes to the inner working of the games math, sorry there is an elite, I don't say that to put anyone down its simply the nature of competition.

I would not argue that because I play some hockey on the weekends in a pickup league that my thoughts on the game carry the same weight of say a Wayne Gretzky. I think that analogy needs no explaining.

Being competitive in the higher levels of STO PvP is no different. Beyond just having lots of practice you have to have an understanding of the mechanics.

PvE People don't copy to the test server so they can test 10 variations of the same build to get combat log results..... PvP people do.

PvE People don't optimize EVERY single aspect of their build looking for synergies that make X and Y > then X and Y if you know what I mean.

PvP people will whip out non game related mathematical formulas to adjust and improve their builds.

Its a level of dedication to the game that gives people unique insights. Truly I mean no offense to the PvE people... and I doubt HB does either. There simply is people in this game that are THAT much better then even the majority of PvP... its that ability to "see" inside the mechanics that the devs should be sifting out. We all know who the "#99s" are in this game... the devs should be weighing their thoughts more heavily, just as any sports board of directors is wise to consult people in the know when they change rules ect.