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09-18-2011, 07:09 PM
I'll second this. It wouldnt even be that difficult to impliment.
No need to pick up missions from different people, they'd all come from the carrier's captain. No need to fly around by yourself, so the historical aspect of the idea would be maintained - carried around inside your carrier you wouldnt see much of the outside except for the systems you have a job to do, so you wouldnt actualy be interacting with the present.
All it'd need is for a carrier to be present at the usual warp-in point for missions, and a new animation. Launching from the bays instead of warping in. As for warping out your ships could just plot a basic course toward the carrier and fade to black, or do an in system warp with a little cutscene of your ship entering the carrier.
Another good thing about this could be the social aspect, the carrier could be a hub for lowbie KDF with all the usual stores etc.
Since the ships belong to the carrier's captain, perhaps let the lowbies pick out some standard armorments for free or very cheap while they build up a store of whatever currency is in use at the time?