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09-18-2011, 07:40 PM
And before some one says, they would need to take a lot of time to make a new social area hub map... well no they wouldn't! Just use the large ship interior set for the carrier, populate it with npcs you can talk to for missions and vendor and other such things.

And yes, using the autogroup feature each mission could be like a mini fleet action almost, grouping the fighters together for more combat ability. Though when you reach LTC you are assigned to a Brel and start doing more independent missions.

Oh and as for ground combat? Who do you think gets to beam over on the boarding parties? Or beam down to assault the ground? Some High level commander? Nope its the legions of warriors of the empire and their allies lackeys of course.

Oh and as for the K'Tanco, the Somraw, and QulDun... just make them alternate costumes for their higher tier counter parts, especially the K'Tanco. Don't get me wrong but this ship is a little to weak with only 2/2 weapons and would look like a more interesting heavy cruiser type.