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09-18-2011, 09:24 PM

I am no expert, although I do fly a VoQuv with my Sci.

Other threads related to this issue have pointed out that there is a difference in BOFF skills depending on whether you are a Sci or Eng in a VoQov. Despite that fact, I will share a few thoughts.

First of all...I go witih either all beams, or forward normal cannons with all rear turrets, or with all turrets (three options). I have a tac BOFF with Beam Overload III, and another tac BOFF with CRF I and II for either cannon configuration.

I do not mix weapons classes -- I typically use all disruptors -- in terms of skill points they are cheaper than plasma...and to be honest, your damage dealers are your fighters or your BoPs for the most part...anything you add to the fight will be significant, but will probably be less than when you have all fighters and BoPs deployed.

Some skills that my setup has that yours does not...

1. Scramble Sensors. I think I have this at level 2. This can come in very handy for a Carrier.
2. My Photonic Shockwave is at level 3...but then again, my guy is a Sci, and has Photonic skill maxxed.
3. My engineer has Aux to Structural Integrity Field (AuxSIF) -- it is a fast heal that does not cause a cooldown with Sci or Tac team. AuxSIF also benefits from a high Aux rating, which a carrier typically has when captained by a Sci.
4. In the past I have used Tractor Repulsors to some adantage...but that is a matter of taste.
5. I went with Attack Pattern Beta rather than Omega (paired with the Beam Overload III)
6. One of my Sci BOFFs has Polarize Hull.

I have 50% Aegis (two Pieces) and 50% Borg (2 pieces).

Consoles -- I have the borg universal and the new universal console off of the VorKang. Of note...the Carrier could be considered either a Sci ship or an appropriate heavy cruiser design...but regardless, it is the only Sci ship that can mount the new console from the VorKang -- the other ships commonly piloted by Sci Captains (BoPs or the Varanus) cannot mount the new console (Isometric Charge Console).

In any case, you have the right idea, and your setup below is not bad. As I said above, there is a difference between Sci and Eng captains in the VoQuv.

Good Luck!