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09-18-2011, 11:08 PM
I have to admit I didnt like this idea at first but as I read through the entire thread I actually can see how this would be a good idea.The carrier itself as the social zone for low lvl klingons is actually a good idea plus the concept of flying missions in a fighter/shuttle gives the player more use with the other wise underused fighter and shuttles skins.Gives the player a reason to get all the different shuttle variations other then for a collection. Lets face it there is only 1 mission and 1 daily thats uses these types of ships and the Klingons dont even get the daily.The unique kdf shuttle fleet action was a good idea too only further making the KDF faction a more unique experience rather then a lesser Fed campaign skinned in red.The only problem I see however is the same problem that we have been having since launch.Your going to need alot of missions that are made specifically around this idea as these missions on the carrier will be the only means of advancing throught the lower lvls. Cryptic just doesnt have the time to do all these new KDF missions with all this stuff coming out and now f2p.Your idea is a good one but I doubt will ever happen as Cryptic would have to make several KDF exclusive missions, where as their current plan seems to be spending their limited time on missions that both factions can play with minor tweeks depending on which side your on. Shame actually, alittle WING COMMANDER nostialga trip would have been nice! lol