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09-19-2011, 02:26 AM
Pi-3Orionis, It seems your mission now is suffering from a Foundry bug not sure what you want to do with it but as it stands now you can accept the mission but you can't even enter the first map.

This is a general foundry bug that exists for recently published missions so you may want to withdraw the mission all together until the foundry get fixed as your rating wcould be severely hammered by people 1 starring it.

Also I'd like to invite you over to . A site dedicated to STO's foundry and we've built quite a decent community with our own IRC channel. It's the home of PodcastUGC (a podcast about STO an the Foundry) and most recently BroadcastUGC. A weekly live event where the hosts (I'm one of them) play through a foundry mission.