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09-19-2011, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by Godimas View Post
Second day, and I was joking Actually chose the ship to be able to use the photonic shock wave power, but now that I have played with it a bit, im wondering if tractor beam repulsers is a better skill... thoughts?
I have plenty of thoughts since I fly nothing but escorts my entire sto life and currently an mvam. If you are trying to kill u have a few options with the lt cmdr sci slot.

1. Make like a bop Tractor Beam 1 at ens charged particle burst 1 at lt and psw at lt cmdr
Only reason I don't do this is because I pug and use tss1 and tss 2 but I keep the shockwave at lt cmdr

2. Since the tss nerf awhile back tss3 is less viable now so if u want heals consider hazard emitters 3 if you charge your aux up that will give you 21k heal without a console

3. If you wanna ride the bandwagon and be a noob put on scramble sensors 2 In case you can't tell I am being sarcastic. You won't need this since odds are someone else is using that anti spread console or scramble. But you know the saying if you can't beat them join them.

4. If you wanna tank for 15 seconds however try to find a boff with Polarize hull 3 this will also keep tractor beams away making your need for an attack pattern omega less needed.

5. Tractor beam repulsers only does significant damage at a fully speced and consoled version 3 at cmdr.

And one more thing I found out so you don't waste skill points. Photonic shockwave will have a cap at 4 seconds so you don't have to fully spec it. I spec it just enough to get it to 3.6 seconds then use holomatrix diode console to get it to 4.