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Hey folks, there's a lot going on in Lotus Fleet RP... Come check it out!
  • Starship RP

USS McKenzie
S2, E2: Beyond the Mirror
Ship Crew Required: Chief of Operations

USS Artemis
S1, E4: Romulan Paradox
Ship Crew Required: Fully Staffed

USS Spectre
S1, E3:Ancient Artifacts
Ship Crew Required: Chief Tac/Sec Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operations Officer

USS Alsea
S1, E5: Echoes and Whispers
Ship Crew Required: Chief Medical Officer
  • General RP

Lord of the Rings: The Blue Fellowship
A stalwart fellowship in the Second Age 1699, led by Pallando the Blue, journeys from the elf port of Edhellond to Lindon, clearing the way for the forces of Numenor to help shift the tide of war in Northwest Middle Earth.
  • Forum Games

Murder on the U.S.S. Orient
A group of Starfleet Officers awaken on a dead ship with no memory of what happened and find that their Captain has been murdered! It is now up to the group to determine who among them is a killer.

The Jersey Devil
In 1909 at the Trenton "Jubilee" festival, there is a murder and Houdini and a group of his volunteers are suspected of witchcraft, colluding with demons, etc. Now they must flee from the inevitable mob and prove whether or not it was the work of the infamous "Jersey Devil".