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09-19-2011, 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by Beagles View Post
I agree with Dassem_Ultor that it is not our fleet's job, nor is it TSI's job, to balance the game. The developers need to get a 5 man team together and play the game, and they need to strive to be good. They also need to do this on both sides (Feds and Klings) to understand how changes affect the balance between factions.

Qew (Klingons) and TSI (Feds) can give our opinions on powers and give a detailed reasoning about an issue, but it has to be up the developers to make the decision. They should be the ones making an unbiased decision, but they have to understand *why* they are making the decisions they implement. The only way is if they actually play their game. Blindly throwing changes into the mix does nothing. The balance is just getting worse and worse as a result.

However, I do not agree that game balance should be based around PUG play. For example, Tact team I feel was an easy cop out to make escorts in pugs more survivable. As a result, premade play has become a little ridiculous with tact teams (an ENSIGN power) single handedly making everyone invincible long enough for actual heals to fly their way. Games that are balanced for top tier play *are* balanced for lower tier play. Otherwise you get a shallow experience for both.

As for the whole PvP PvE community thing, there is simply no denying that there is a *massive* gap between the two. This is not meant to offend anyone but PvE players are really, really bad. Theyre usually the ones in unspecced cruisers with EPtS III, not distributing their shields and even when given 5 heals still pop instantly. We all know this type of player. This game has a huge skill gap, and there is a *very* fine line between a viable ship build/player and a completely useless one. This is partly the player's fault, and partly the fact that there are no resources in game or online on how to play the game properly.

Overall though, PvPers are frustrated. No new content in 21 months. Balance changes that are completely ridiculous. However, worst of all, there has always been a disconnect between PvPers and Developers. PvPers should *not* have to argue in TTS channel with developers about how certain powers actually work. The developers should already know. Things like Torp Spread should have never been released. Developers alone should have realized how broken it was, but even after it was an the PvP community went crazy over it, the feedback was ignored and TS made it to Holodeck.

That kind of attitude is why people like Hurleybird are upset. People who have been calm for 21 months and seeing no results. Clearly being calm and giving feedback is not working, so now people just dont care and are being aggressive. Is it right? No. But I can see why he is frustrated, because I am as well.
Couldn't agree more with this post. This pretty much sums up how I feel and I probably couldn't have said it better myself. The pvp'ers I get the chance to talk to (which is not many, im shy) feel the same way as HB. That said, I have no qualms with anything he has said, in fact i think he's spot on. Some of his opinions are facts to a certain extent as each player is different.

September's engineering report only confirms what hurleybird and others have been fighting for, to be heard, not ignored. Many other great pvp'ers have left the game because they have been ignored for 21 months. For that, those who have been trying to get the dev's to listen should be applauded for their tenacity and persistence.