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09-19-2011, 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Hey guys,

Internal discussions continue about some of the more powers that are more problematic in PvP, in particular Tactical Team and Scramble Sensors. We wanted to share some of our thoughts and ask for input from the community.

Note that all of this is simply at the stage of "proposal" - we want to hear from the community before we make any kind of final determinations on any of this.

Scramble Sensors Proposal
1. Reduce maximum duration by about a third.
2. Max Targets to 5 (there has to be a cap on this, but we are willing to consider a higher cap than 5)
3. When under a confuse effect, if you have no target any power that is Self-or-Friend will always target Self. Meaning, instead of doing the camera shuffle you would only have to deselect then hit Science Team to clear the effect.

Tactical Team Proposal
1. Split off the shield redistribution as a new, separate Boff power starting at Ensign
2. Keep recharge time the same.
3. Reduce duration of all effects from current 10s to 5s.
4. Add an additional effect that is tactical themed, not damage, and is either instant or 5s in duration.

For the Tactical Team proposal, we would welcome suggestions for an appropriate new effect for #4.
For scramble there should be an immunity that is no more than 1:1 if SS has 10 second up time then the immunity should be no more than 10 seconds. I know many want 1:2 or some other ludicrous amount but 1:1 is the max.

As for Tac team, splitting the the re-distro doesn't address the issue, you now make re-distro the must have power and defiants and raptors will now slot Re-distro X 2, TT. I mean TT is only good for clearing tac debuffs and LOL-BP. I would say keep it pretty much the way it is except the re-distro is a buff to manual re-distro. So if you are not manually re-distributing then you gain nothing but each rank buffs the manual re-distro. So lets say unbuffed re-distro is 2 pulses per press, with TT1 it would be 4, with TT2 it would be 6, and TT3 would be 8. The buff would only last 5 seconds.