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09-19-2011, 01:27 PM
So as far as tac team goes, the new shield distribution ability would also be a tactical abilitiy?

If you pull the shield distribution ability off of tac team, no further nerf of the ability will be required. The only reason ppl were running the ability before it got the shield buff was to fill in extra tac abilities in the ensign slots anyway. Unless the #4 ability is very beneficial, I'm guessing most captains will be dropping tac team for the new shield rebalance ability.

Instead of that idea, I would suggest dropping the shield redistribution to 5 seconds, and make it a manual ability with a much quicker recharge time. For example, when you hit tac team, then redistribute shields, your shield would balance 4x faster than if you just hit rebalance without tac team up. In other words, just have tac team redistribute shields faster, not automatically