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09-19-2011, 01:34 PM
I won't argue that the abilities could use some tweaking, but those proposals actually strike me as a bit much.

Scramble Sensors: The duration reduction will pretty much kill its usefulness in PvE while the 5 target cap would be meaningless to PvP spam. I could live with half duration and a 10 target cap, but really, I think the ability to actually clear it in an easy and efficient manner would be great enough.

Tactical Team: If you're suggesting splitting the shield distribution off and making that particular skill have an effect duration of 5 seconds, I wouldn't be a fan. If you kept the shield distribution at 10 seconds while making it it's own skill, I'd have no problem (alternatively, a duration of 5 seconds that can be increased with skilling would be fine). If you just meant reducing the effects of Tac Team to 5 seconds, that works.

As for suggestions... hmm... well, it makes sense for a team of engineers to repair the hull and a team of scientists to channel energy from the sonic showers into shields or whatever they do. There's kind of a limited usefulness in deploying security teams and strategists around a ship. Countering Boarding Party and Assimilation is obvious. The only other things I can think of are maybe a modest critical hit chance buff or maybe decreased weapon power drain.