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09-19-2011, 12:35 PM
Scramble Sensors:
I am concerned that a hard cap might have an unpleasant side effect of an even greater spam explosion. While it may be necessary, assuming a radius of effect reduction isn't possible (what is the radius again anyway?), can it be bumped up to 10 or 15 targets? Is there any way to give effect priority to a player ship or NPC over something like mines?

Right now, if Blue Team scrambles Red Team, Red Team can see anyone who is currently cloaked on Blue Team. Has this also been addressed?

Tactical Team:
The duration reduction from 10 to 5 seconds is going to be great for for Boarding Parties, Tactical Debuffs, and alpha strikes in general. If the shield redistribution is to be fixed it would be nice to see a pretty significant, and skill point dependent, boost to something like critical severity, chance or accuracy. I'm not sure just how much the current numbers translate to those things but something more obvious might be nice. Tactical Team still remains a powerful debuff remover without being something you spam just because every time is the right time to have it active.

Shield Redistribution:
I'm not really sure that this has to be converted into an entirely separate ability but if it is I hope that some of the existing issues are addressed. The redistribution rate is just too efficient for too long and makes it almost mandatory. I wouldn't be opposed to keeping it if it were reduced and also more dependent upon skill points.

Thank you for taking these things seriously. Any of your changes are a good step in the right direction. If we can get some clarification on some of them and maybe consider a few modifications things could be great.