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09-19-2011, 01:39 PM
Scramble Sensors:

1. Duration could probably even be cut in half. Then it would be about 9/13/17 for each rank. This really prevents perma scrambling, but gives a healthy amount of time for teams to get some kills and put some pressure. Otherwise, a third is still in the right direction.

2. Like everyone is saying, it will just encourage spam if there is a max number of targets. If it is for performance issues, is it not possible to limit the effect to only 5 real players instead of pets (the max amount of players on a team in arena anyways)?

3. Good change, clearing should be reliable.

Tact team:

1. I dont think there should be any ensign power that redistributes shields. However, if its going to be in, at least make it starting at LT, and make it like Emergency Power to X where you can only apply it to yourself. This gives escorts sort of an RSP type ability (they have the higher level tactical), but cruisers and scis pay a heavier price for it.

2. For the recharge ability, I would say 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown. It's essentially an RSP, which is 6 seconds every two minutes, minus the shield recharge.

3. Yes, TT should be 5 seconds.

4. Defense Bonus. An extra 10%/20%/30% defense for 5 seconds. Maybe +10/20/30 combat maneouvers as well. Look at the tactical skills on the skill tree I would say.

Overall, good ideas though.