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09-19-2011, 01:49 PM
This is a scramble fix suggestion- sort of- and one I think that a lot of people would be behind if it wasn't the sort of suggestion that would take a while to actually implement:

Get/Build the tech to differentiate target types.

You've gone on record saying that right now you don't have that ability- to scramble sensors or any other AoE power, a mine is no different from an enemy ship.

This means that you're balancing based on one more quantifier than before- you have to negate spam as a valid tactic, but you don't want to too many players to be affected by the power. You need to reduce server lag by multiple spawned objects, but you have to screw over those players who don't abuse spam.

There's only so much that can be done in this vein- so I propose that you take some sort of quick fix now, sure, but you put getting/building the tech to differentiate targets on the table.

Not just for this power, but for all powers that involve targeting.

How many times has someone accidentally fired a boarding party off at a mine? I know I have.

How many times have you Auxillary to Structural Integrity Field'ed a Heavy Torpedo?

Are we getting the picture?

With the ability to differentiate target types, the way powers are designed can change- scramble sensors could have a limit on 5 players and 15 non-player objects. Single target powers like science team or boarding party could only target ships, not spam like mines or heavy torps.

Moreover, it opens up that design space for new powers.

A spam clearing power, for instance, that only targets spam- fighters/mines/heavy torps.

Many powers that only target ships, or only target player ships or whatever.

I understand that this tech requires significant investment to build/procure, but ultimately it's an investment that has returns which will vastly outstrip the cost across the board. I'm sure there are plenty of uses that I haven't thought of that would be of use to you- but none of that can happen if you don't have the tech.