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09-19-2011, 01:51 PM
As has been stated on the forum several times, the Lakota Refit fought the Defiant to a standstill, only barely lost - and only lost because neither ship would use its torpedoes. If the Lakota had used its torpedoes the lesser mass of the Defiant would never have outlasted it, IMO.

So, at least for the Excelsior, we have a canon reference of a T5ish Excelsior Refit going up against a T5ish Defiant - assuming the T5 Defiant is represented by having a cloak. I am not saying it is a good reference but it is on the TV screen, and that forces Cryptic to try and make sense out of it - even though for DS9 the Excelsior was only used because they could not afford to make a new ship model.

I assume the Ambassador will be the new T3 ship.