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09-19-2011, 08:20 PM
I would like to thank the members who turned up last night, Kudos to All. Star Fleet Academy is going to need some redecorating after our visit.

It was quite epic seeing so many ships parked at Qon'os. had some awesome 10 vs 10 in pvp. Ground and space. LOL Whose idea was was it to set the capture and hold score to 4000 points. The game was finally done after 90 mins and a few broken hands. We kicked back with an Esky of blood wine and an Orion Slave sheila to relieve our aching muscles

lol Shinji and MDK running all the STFs afterwards.

Our officers in game are there to help our members. So please hit them up for advice as they are generally crusty old veterans of the game. It is what helps a fleet keeping going forward rather than stagnate with a lack of direction and decision making. Take a look at all the successful fleets to be found in Star Trek Online. They have activities and events to keep their members engaged, this is what helps build up a highly successful community.

This is what the Ausmonauts are all about.