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09-19-2011, 09:00 PM
Originally Posted by TFO-OptimusPrime View Post
You can increase the damage done by the console by maxing out the deflector skills, which works well for most shield stripping ships if they are using Tach beam III
The ship we were using it on was piloted by a person with near max in all three skills listed for the Console. As an additional weapon it is pretty pathetic most of the time. For how iffy it is to even get all of its shots off it can hardly kill the weakest PvE ships (which is sad because we all know how strong those are) and in PvP it would seem utterly worthless. I am sure whatever console you gave up could have been used better with something else in a PvP match. If this was honestly meant to healp against a Fed Ball even three or four ships firing this off would be unlikely to impress. A Torpedo Spread II would be more reliable and more damaging.

If not flat out buffed for added damage then added side-effects like system shutdowns due to their ship being hit with such strong EMP on the final leaps could help to make up for its lack of damage... I am getting flashbacks to the Saucer all over again.