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09-20-2011, 02:21 AM
I'm speaking of the defiant here, and speaking of pvp, since you can generally get away with murder with almost anything in pve... But my current setup in the escort retrofit is:

2x dual heavy cannons
1x dual beam bank
1x quantum torpedo
3x turrets

I've found, and many other escort refit pilots I've talked to have found this to be an excellent, if not the very best layout for the escort refit in pvp.

My usual attack pattern is as follows.

Pre charge THY2
Get within 8 km and closing.
Charge go down fighting, tactical fleet, attack pattern alpha, attack pattern beta, cannon rapid fire
Decloak at 4 km
Fire on my target, tractor beam, charge beam overload 3, fire torps

That almost always results in a kill within 5 seconds of decloaking, and the point is that the dual beam banks are a huge part of that. If the beam overload crits, often they blow up even before the torps reach them. If not, the torps finish them off.

If they're still alive after that (external heals, or they have a really tough shield and the torps hit it) I have beam overload 1 ready to fire 15 seconds later.

Basically what I'm saying is that having both beam overload 1 and 3 on your build will more than make up for the dps loss of having a dbb instead of another dhc.