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09-20-2011, 04:11 AM
i'am using the same setup as ToIsIch, but i was wandering if a tricobald instead of a quantum, and therefore swapping the THY2 with BO2 would be valid. I mean at the time u fire your torpedo you are allready within 1-2 Km from the target. So, any ideas on that?

PS: I'am doing mainly PVE, but nobody can deny, that a PVP build is awesome for PVE. But not every PVE build is good for PVP.

PPS: To add to the general discussion, i have to say that taking a highly manuverable escort ship, and then using beams is just a waste. escorts are manuverable so they can bring their cannons in place, cruisers lag that manuverability, so for them beams are just perfect. On my klingon toon i actually use the same setup with cannons and DBB, and the burst is amasing. But then again vor'chas are just more manuberable than Fed cruisers. Which was actually allways the other way round in the star trek films or Tv series.