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09-20-2011, 08:25 AM
I'm running an exploration retrofit, and it can be quite potent if properly handled. Grab Venture for the Antimatter console, it's a Scramble for cruisers and can be especially annoying to escort pilots as it makes their screen go all fuzzy. Used it in PvP vs some Klinks last night, and every time I popped it their BoPs ran away. Saucer sep is a great power, turns your slow cruiser into a fairly quick and maneuverable beam escort, but you keep all your tanking powers, which means it's pretty darn hard to kill. Also, the saucer module can use any powers or devices attached to the ship, so that effectively gives you two of those Antimatter consoles... for increased annoyance of your opponents. I saw my detached saucer pop it twice in combat last night.

Build I'm running.

Fore Weaps: 2x Phaser DBB, 1x Quantum Torp, 1x Phaser Array
Aft Weaps: 3x Phaser Array, 1x Quantum Torp
(I had a 'peng on each end until last week, TS is just too powerful not to use)
Reman Shields (for maximum capacity)
Borg Deflector
Borg Engines
Devices: RMC, SFM, Shield Batt, Weapons Batt
Eng Consoles: Antimatter Spread, Neutronium Armor, Field Emitter, EPS
Sci Consoles: Biofunction, Borg
Tac Consoles: 2x Directed Energy (beam weapons)

Tac BOff: FAW I, TS II
Eng BOff: EPtA
Eng BOff: Eng Team, RSP, EPtS III
Eng BOff: EPtW, Aux to ID, EPtS III, Warp Plasma
Sci BOff: Sci Team (a MUST to deal with SS) Hazard Emitters

2x EPtS III means its always up, granting a 30% damage resistance to your shields. RSP is great against burst damage. SFM and RSF are nice to have for additional damage resistance in the face of a prolonged attack.

I like Eject Warp Plasma for its lovely ability to stick ships in place while everyone pounds on them... and the extra damage it deals is a nice bonus on top of that. But if you want to be more of a healer I would swap this for Extend Shields III, which can be of great help to a friend in trouble.

The only vulnerability I've found in the build so far is to a well timed PSW + alpha strike. With only one copy of Aux to ID I can't keep it running all the time. I pondered swapping out RSP for a second Aux to ID, but to my build RSP is a pretty valuable power, especially if you get multiple enemies on you.

Feel free to critique or tweak or just ignore it completely if you don't like it... but in my experiences thus far it's done pretty good.