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09-20-2011, 03:53 PM
I barely even noticed it, my Connie phasers are sitting in a bank slot unused. I have four arrays on my Gal-X, but I'm using the Devidian mission ones all around, since those do better damage, and are CritH+Dmg. hehe.

I have a 5th in the bank, and intend to get a 6th soon, in case I wanna fly all array instead of two dual beam banks on it.

I'll just plug here again, for another time travel mission where we can get Retrofit Dual Phaser Beam Banks.

Preferably marked blue ones.

Actually, I bet some people would like an option available to change the look and sound of their phasers to the retrofit style, while keeping their purple phasers, all around. Might be something to consider later.