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09-20-2011, 10:19 PM
Fellow Captains,

I share your sadness at seeing Dan Stahl leave us. Under Dan's leadership, we have seen Star Trek Online grow and achieve new levels. He has pushed the game forward in more ways that I can easily recount. His tenure on the game stands as one to be proud of. I salute you Dan, and wish you well !

So who is this guy stepping into the vacuum left by Dan's absence? I'm one of the team that worked alongside Craig Zinkievich and Dan Stahl in the original development of the game. As the lead programmer on the game, I helped design and implement nearly every aspect of the game present at launch. After launching the game, I left the team to take over as the CTO of Cryptic Studios as a whole, but I've been working hard to drive STO forward from that seat as well.

Coming back to the STO team this week was like coming home. I put a piece of myself into the making of this game, and it feels so right to be working with the team once again. My tenure as EP will only last until we can identity the right person to drive the game forward, but I promise this won't be a half-hearted effort on my part. I'm wholly invested in finishing off the amazing free-to-play plans that Dan has put into motion, and then delivering more great content and features to you all for the game.

I'll share more about the future of the game soon, but I wanted to jump in and let you all know that there's someone at the helm who loves this game as much as you do.

Stephen D'Angelo
Executive Producer, Star Trek Online