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09-20-2011, 11:20 PM
Good Luck Dan Stahl. Just don't put STO on your resume as an example of your track record.

It has to be said that the doomsayers said that STO was doomed when Dan took over. He managed to stop the leaking and steady the ship for sure. However, when the Captain is seem jumping overboard you know something is up.

Personally I think that Dan got sacked by PW so that when STO hits F2P it will have a new head for a fresh start. Still, with the captain gone, the mast broken (the game being half finished still), and sharks circling (angry angry subs that won't forget or forgive, myself included) things don't look good for the ship. STO might not be sinking but it sure isn't in a good state either.

Whoever the new guy is better have a really thick skin and good communication skills.