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09-21-2011, 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by enyfeo View Post
This is on ships that you can only buy through the Cstore like the Tactical Escort Refit. I have it on my first character but cant get it through any method on my alts.

I tried something on one alt. He has the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit which I want to get on my alt. I deleted the ship on the alt that had it and now it says I need to pay again on that alt that had it in the first place.
Except you're wrong on that which I why I question whether you're right on having bought these ships in the C-Store. The Tactical Escort "Refit" (it's Retrofit actually) can be gotten for free in game both with emblems and with a free ship token at VA rank. And while I don't think that the Excelsior can be gotten via token, it can be gotten with emblems (and if deleted in that case would need to be repurchased). Also, earlier you mentioned the Galaxy-R (Exploration Cruiser Retrofit) and it is likewise available at VA rank with the ship token you receive then or with emblems, and these purchases only apply to that character.

Net result is that everything you describe could exist without any C-Store error. And while I would like to give a fellow player the benefit of the doubt, you make that hard when you seemingly ignore the availability of so many ships for a free token received at rank-up.