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Originally Posted by Chugster View Post
I always feel torn between the effectiveness of cannons and the canon-ness on beams on the ships (Defiant excluded).

So how gimped is it to use DBBs or BAs on a Saber/Akira/Prommy?
Using them on low level ships is not a huge issue, especially when you are too low level to have many cannon-related skills. However, once that issue is solved using a full beam boat is a joke. Beams are mostly for Science Vessels and the slowest of Cruisers. If you look at their DPS + Their Power Drain it becomes devastatingly clear that you are losing HUGE amounts of DPS. Here is why: Not only do Dual Beams and especially Beam Arrays have pathetic DPS to begin with BUT

1) Their power drain means that even if you broadside with them you are doing yourself a disservice. I had an engineer with just SIX beams doing everything they could to get me with a full broadside and I noticed that when I was being broadsided I took LESS damage than when I just took 3 beams and a Torp. Why? Because the Power Drain makes those beams just a pretty light show.

2) You lose out on the DPS rear turrets add to your forward DPS. Turrets may SEEM weak but I assure you added to your forward banks of Dual Heavies it adds up to some shield obliterating hull devouring DPS.

I have NEVER EVER been afraid of any ship outside of Sci Vessels using only beams. Fire At Will these days is good for moping up fighters but fails to impress otherwise. Beam Overload is pretty powerful for one hit but by the time you get around to being able to use that I've destroyed your facing with my Rapid Fire and landed the killing blow with High Yield. I can take down a Science Ship's massive shields in just two bursts from the front of my Multivector and the following chain of Quantums = Instant Death.

As one of my victims told me: "It told me that my shield failed and before I could activate a single power I exploded..."

So that is your answer. However, as long as you are not on my team feel free to load up on beams aaaaalll you like