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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
So Heretic, will we be able to use the Doff interface and both accept and complete missions on our ship interiors? If not...thats really bad. The Doff system is exactly the type of thing a Captain would be doing from his ready room or bridge, so please tell me the answer is yes
So, you can in fact interface with the duty officer system from the interior of your ship (you can't, note, when your ship is in non-social system maps). We are also investigating special assignments from personnel around the interior of your ship. Not entirely certain that that answers your question, however...?

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One of the worst words in game development history. Nobody but the developers know exactly how long "Soon" is, by their definition.
As I use it, "soon" (as distinct from "very soon") in development terms means, "It's on the schedule, it has a due date, that due date is in the next few weeks." Where it gets a bad rep is in that things do go wrong, schedules get changed, things sometimes don't go smoothly. The major complication is that there is considerable lag time between when a developer checks in a change and it goes through the pipeline to come out to the player-facing server.