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09-22-2011, 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by ThatAnnoyingKitsune
Please pardon if this is off topic, but I'm in need of some assistance. I intend there to be a series of KDF missions that tie in with the Federation-based mission series that I'm working on, but I'm afraid that I don't know enough about Klingons to be able to really make the missions as well as I want to make them.

Also, I'm worried about what the lasting reprecussions of earning the ability to play a KDF character being moved to level 25 will be.
I think that as long as you remember the key words of 'Honour, glory, and battle' when writing the dialogue of your Klingons that you'll be at least close. Also remember that you can use other Empire races, like Gorn, Orion, and Lethean. Those are much more open ended on how they would act and speak.

In terms of the 25 level thing, I think the plan was to have enough missions to level up without too much grinding. I think they were still planning on adding a few more Klingon missions themselves and would hopefully then let them lower that level start. The best would be if they made enough to make it equal but I don't think we'll get to see that. Making enough to start at level 10 would be good though.

At the end, a lot of people like playing Klingons so I don't think you'll see a lowering of Klingon players- you already have the core group who are playing them already.