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09-22-2011, 07:01 AM
If you're looking for a mature fleet, where you don't have to justify getting offline because of real life, where there aren't a lot of complex rules or hierarchies, where people are out to have fun, socialize, and share their love of Trek, then you might want to check us out.

It's actually quite an exciting time here. A lot of things are happening on a lot of fronts. We welcome people who have an interest in taking a role in forming and directing the fleet, though plenty of us just want to play. You can take things at your own speed.

We have a TOS theme and backstory that involves rescuing captains from 2269 to help defend the Federation in 2409. We understand, though, that your original series might be TNG, and so we've expanded to include captains from the 24th century as well. A lot of us are interested in detailed character bios,and we're always happy to help members fit their bios to the fleet backstory as a whole.

For some of that backstory, see:

You can also explore and, if things look good to you, apply for membership on the fleet website, here:

Now shut up, we're rescuing you.