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# 2 Equipment suggestions
09-22-2011, 07:07 AM
For your weapons... I'd run Three Dual Heavy Cannons and your Dual Beam Bank.
(I personally run Two Dual Heavy, One Dual, and One Quantum Torp, I know a lot of people dont like that build but I do). (I also run Tetryon weapons... again, a personal choice for color and sound)

As for your other equipment, Aegis gear (which I use and can be crafted with a 1,500 crafting skill) or the Borg gear set which can be obtained by completing the STFs. I use the Borg Console in my engineer console slot, and red matter capaciter. I don't run the other Borg gear. Aegis gear makes your ship look Tron like and turn on a dime. Borg gear makes your ship look like a giant cheese grater, but bad ***.

Consoles: I forgot the name, but look for ones that give you +26 to Anti Proton and +26 to cannon weapons. (I think the canon one might be called the pre-fire matrix)

I used to run Hazard Emitters... those are fine in PVE... though some friends suggested I run Science Team instead, and I found I never need the Hazard Emitters because now my sheilds never go down with two Emergency Power To Sheilds and two Science Teams.

I also love Fleet Escort, but am currentlly running the Tactical Refit since I am VA1.
I may drop back to the Fleet Escort again though, because it looks so much cooler, and the VA1 cloak helps with burst damage, but it's such an easy tactic to defend against.

You're probbably going to get a lot of people telling you "don't listen to so and so: MY BUILD IS THE BEST AND ONLY"... ignore them... and take all the other advice you get with a grain of salt. Since you arent worried about PVP, then you can run pretty much anything because PVE is easy, even if you up the difficulty. At the PVE stage it's all about having fun and enjoying the build you made!