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09-22-2011, 08:36 AM
Originally Posted by BobTheYak
This problem seems to be worse on busy days - which makes me think that lag is the primary issue. Given that... it most definitely sucks having to adapt to the point where you have to pound the **** out of one key 5-10 times just to fire a single power.
Its not the lag, its definately not the lag. It happens to me ALL the time. No indication of lag, not even server side.

It clearly looks like a simplistic system whether it just either acknowledge you clicked on the ability (-> uploading data to server) and receive the information it has been confirmed or executed (-> download from server)

This is about it, its so simplistic that there is no failsafe somewhere that it would make SURE it will be activated. There seem to be no trial and error or verify mechanism build in here.

Thus, even if it were to be lag, the server should just at some point, even after 5 seconds, acknowledge and verify that you have clicked a certain ability. Not just ignoring it and do nothing. Does your download just stop if your connection has a slight dip or a 1-2 second blackout? Thats the same for when I quickly pull out my network cable out of my laptop and put it back in.

Im sorry but this crap just restricts my captain skills somewhat.