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09-22-2011, 10:07 AM
I think keybinds are already the clear indication that the delay is intended. No matter how many BO powers you bind to a key - each press will only activate one of them. (There are a few non-BO powers that can be triggered togeither, like Distribute Shields, but that's it).

So I think it is simply a way to make people that use macros less effective. And with macros I mean something more like "if X happens, automatically trigger A,B,C (possibly even with intentional delays)", not merely keybinds, but keybinds as well. This ensures that there is always a delay between each power, and someone that manually clicks is not too disadvantaged.

Except, of course, even if you manually click, the system leads to failed activations. And that is certainly a problem, because it basically hurts those that manually click most - because they might have already moved their mouse to another ability they wanted to trigger, and have to move back. A keybinder can just repress the key. (More complex macros would probably fail, as the triggering condition might become invalid, or they wouldn't notice that an ability mis-fired and continue with an ability sequence that might no longer make sense.)

Maybe the macros are a reason they don't want to go with a queue? But I still feel that mouse-clickers are hurt worse with this.