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09-22-2011, 02:57 PM
Originally Posted by 12guageshotgun
worse yet, when the graphic for your shotgun blast goes off(does nothing).... he looks at you funny, you hit the button again, but its too late. the issue of server lag and button failure is so bad, and it only got worse in season 4 with the increased speed of ground combat, same problem worse situation.
Yeah, happened a few times when we were PvPing the other day. I'd spot you cloaked and hit the button, I'd stop, pull out the gun, and then wait there nice and pretty for the inevitable shotgun blast to the face. Not that it would have helped me much you're still a beast on the ground, but it just bothers me sometimes when I sneak up behind someone, decloak fully buffed, press fire, and just stand there waiting for them to retaliate for me interrupting their nap.