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I'm pretty new to the game, does anyone have any advice on how to fit a PVE Heavy Cruiser?
I've tried the search but most threads I've found are circa 2010, and I have no idea if they are out dated or not.

I was thinking generically:

2 Phaser Beam MK VI
1 Quantem Torp

Deflector - the Defari one
Impulse - the Defari one
Shields - the Defari one

2 Phase Beam MK VI
1 Transphasic cluster torpedo.

I'm wondering if I will need EPS conduits or not. I have only flown a Rhode Island Class previously.

Sorry I'm brand new, (despite my join date which is when I tried the free 5 day trial) I have no idea. I've been lurking older posts for how to build/spec my character.

I only have about 500,000 energy credits so I can't really afford to buy all sorts of items from the exchange only to find out that the information is outdated and a patch has changed things.