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09-22-2011, 06:56 PM
Always remember that a cruiser's strength lies in its beams.
I have heard the term "beam boat" many times.

Assuming you are a tactical officer you will be able to enhance the attack power of those beams slightly.
Also remember that when your torpedo tubes do line up....You want to pack a Punch that those romulans will remember.

You can use any type of beam and torpedo that you want to, but my primary suggestion is that you stick to one type of beam and one type of torpedo and specialize in it. In my own case I only use Phaser Beams and Quantum Torpedos. (remember to spend skill points in beams, phaser beams, torpedos, and quantum torpedoes)

As far as EPS conduits, I do not use them, but I am a dedicated Engineer player and we don't really need them when you run at 125 weapons, 81 shields, 70 engines, etc...
However they might be useful for a tactical officer to quickly rebalance their power settings since you do not quite have the power management abilities that an engineer does. Just remember to leave console room for an RCS Accelerator (the best that money can buy, I believe VI gets +22%) and armor plating for the hull when those shields of yours fail...and they will fail.