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09-23-2011, 06:44 AM
Awesome! I worked on updates to the KDF chart throughout the weekend... hope u guys like the new background!

Newest changes to charts:
  • FED v7.8.9 - Replaced BOFF & Console backdrops with new LCARS hotness on RA & VA tiers, so they match with the rest. Currently First tier and Dread sections have faded look to BOFF Backdrop | Did some back end fancypantsing of LCARS interface on RA & VA columns | Reversed MVAE LCARS to match the rest of the chart | swapped faded gradients on all Shuttle row headers / footers | Re-enabled brighter blue beam effect background for all classes(thx PatricianVetinari) | modified dropshadow and outline of every ship, other than the larger ship pics | Added shots of Venture-X (thx SlothfulDragoon) - will be changing these out for higher quality pics from Skippy2k (didn't see the post in time ) | Fixed console ability icon on Oberth
  • KDF v5.0.5 - Created new background for KDF chart | added Cstore Icon for prices | added Vorkang to Retrofit RA section | Added new crew indicators for all sections