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09-23-2011, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by ajguida1987 View Post
How does one counter act that DAMN Photonic Wave?

I know when I am going against BOPs they are going to use that on me... Should I hit hazard emitters or Omega before charging in? or eat the Wave and attack?
There is no way to "counter" PSW. I've been griping about that for months. Every other attack has a defense that works against it, but if you get hit with PSW you are helpless.

You can prevent PSW from effecting you by having Omega or Aux to Dampeners running, but you've got to do that BEFORE the enemy attempts to use it.

Since I don't have a tac slot to run Omega in I swap my BOffs around and run two copies of Aux to ID if I end up in a fight that is PSW heavy.