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Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
Ditch the subsystem repair, and you can probably ditch hull repair too. Hull repair is really something that engineers mostly worry about, as cruisers have 50,000+ hull and can take a pounding when properly built.

As far as weapons layout. 3x DHC and 1x torpedo in the front... 3x turret in the rear. I believe that's the build most escort pilots are running. With Torp Spread being so powerful now you've pretty much gotta have it. Some ditch one of the cannons for a dual beam bank up front and use it with Overload III... but that's a personal call.
agreed. if youre lucky enough to receive or buy a boff with BO3 its very useful. although i use 3 beams in the back- its more of a personal call than anything. turrets help with frontal dps, but beams can help with constant dps and larger firing arc. not to mention FAW to clear the spam, the 3 rear beams helps. its more of a personal call though.

as far as skill points and boffs, i use hazard emitters and sci team 2 for sci boffs, and eng team 1 and epts 2 for my eng skills, although i go back and forth between eng team and epts 1. depends on my mood. skill points, tac, sci and eng team leader, though people say waste points, they help with the effectiveness of your boff powers- so sci team 2 and epts 2 give you alot of shield heals- my sci team gets +2960 to each shield facing.

hull repair IS GOOD to have, especially in a defiant... you only have 50 crew so you need your crew to do things quicker when there are fewer of them. again, its a personal choice, but i seem to have decent success with it.

no need to have points in any of the weapons engineering section- as an escort you dont need the marginally extra points in power levels because youll be close 120 power level anyways- i dont have any in auxillary systems either- all my points are in shields and engines for defense. you could put them in there to help with skills that need aux power (tractor beam i think, and hazard emitters for example), but i prefer to use the rest of those points in ground skills. also, ive got all points in emitters, deflectors, deflector field and hazard systems, for sci team and hazard emitters skills.

as for AP weapons, i love them- especially in an escort because of the critical chance and critical severity. i checked my stats last night pvp with a fleet mate, and fully buffed my acc was 40%, critical chance was 25% and critical severity was 120%. not sure how severity was that high, but it was lol. theyre expensive, as are the consoles, but they hit and hit hard.

but, in short, my post was just a long winded way of saying its your choice and your personal playing preference. this is just mine. i dont surivive very well (im the definition of a glass cannon, and im proud of it) but i sure do get a few kills in before i die. and im not afraid to die lol. and if worse comes to worse, keep abandon ship ready for when you get close to dying- you can take a few more people out that way