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09-23-2011, 12:37 PM

Well met!

We are building a nice wing of RP within the TOS Veterans. In addition to RP, we also quest, raid and PVP.

Our RP roadmap is to host both community and TOS Veterans lore specific events at least twice a month. However, we also have open RP every Friday night. Tonight @ 8:30pm EST, in fact, we will be hosting an RP 101. This will be a fun event to help those unfamiliar with RP learn a little bit about it and also allow experienced RPers to brush up on their RP chops. Since this event will be held in a ship interior, simply send a tell to Saruk@aharon for an invite.

Additionally, we'll be hosting a couple of storyline events starting next Tues. night the 27th @7:30pm EST. The events will be a co-operative storyline with the Trust and other RP fleets. For the 27th we are looking for a few "Red Shirt" (i.e. dispensable characters). Generally, all of us from TOS will be playing Red Shirts. Again you can message me for that event as well.

We are working on calendar of events for Oct. as well and hope to host a variety of "meet & greets" and more storyline events. We have a lot planned for the future. And if you ever just want to RP a bit with your own scenarios please don't hesitate to contact me!