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09-23-2011, 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by Tim3822 View Post
Having serious performance problems with my client. I've lowered all the settings as low as they will go, turned shadows off etc. Still very slow and stuttery. The only way to get decent fps is to go half resolution, but it looks absolutely god awful. Capped fps to 30 in the troubleshooting section too to no avail. Any pointers? Native resolution for my Macbook pro is 1680x1050.
native or not... 1680x1050 is huge and a lot of work... I'd lower your main resolution long before you tried Half Resolution. You can run at half resolution and look a lot better than using the in game version, and get more frame rate. You cannot expect a Windows game running on Wine to perform as good as it would in Windows, thats not what the port is about :-) High resolutions kill the frame rate faster than anything else.