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09-23-2011, 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by ajguida1987 View Post
okay heres another question regarding tactical consoles and antiprotons cannons...

should i be using 3 prefire chambers or 3 antiproton mag regulators?

what would give me more bang for my buck?
if youre flying the defiant, you get 4 consoles- use all 4 on energy weapons. if you use 3 DHCs and 3 turrets, going with the prefire chambers wont kill you so long as theyre all the +26 kind. someone who knows the math better than me can correct me if im wrong, but ive always used the energy weapon type, ie phaser, AP, tetryon, etc... i think its better but, again, someone with better math skills than myself can correct me if im wrong.

the advantage of the prefire chambers is you can swap out any energy weapon type and not have to buy new consoles every time- the disadvantage, if youre like me and play with beams and cannons, it hinders you quite a bit. hence why i use the antiproton mag regulator.