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09-23-2011, 10:38 PM
Originally Posted by Not0fthiswor1d View Post
OK, so at the time i wrote this thread, I had not chosen which class i wanted:

Currently: i am a JOINED TRILL Engineering officer, with a Vulcan Science Officer as a Bridge officer and a TRILL Tac officer as a second Bridge Officer.

I still currently own the cruiser they give you from lvl 1... I really don't know how the Build system works so I think i screwed it all up for my character,

Possibly I would like someone help me put together a suitable Leveling build designed for the Engineer Class (tanking style).

Thanks a bunch.

Good starting place to get an idea on starting understand that you aren't going to stay in the ship you have for the entire game, unless you want to, and you will probably change out your crew to compliment your career path (BOs that are Tac/Sci to compliment your Engineer, with another Engineer) for example.

You might also want to look in the Wiki for items like this:

And nothing wrong with being a Joined Trill...look to where that races traits are, and go from there.
Along the way, you will get respec tokens so if something doesn't work, you can always switch it up.