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09-23-2011, 10:28 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
The final attack of the three for the Isometric Charge is equivalent to the basic damage from the Gurumba's Javelin or the two shots of the Spinal Lance combined. If the Isometric Charge is insufficient, then by extension all of the top-tier beam weapons will need to be reviewed.

We will continue to collect data and monitor these, and if it becomes clear there needs to be an adjustment we will certainly consider it.
The damage of the last hit is not a problem.
The problem is in how the charge operates,

Flight time is on the long side, which gives the additional targets time to move out of range of the jump.
If a jump destroys a target, for example a mine, the charge stops there.
You need at least 3 targets in range and close together.

All this is making the charge a very very situational weapon.
Compared to the Lance or Javelin which is point at bad guy and fire, hit or miss type of deal instead.

The charge works much better in PvE against the groups of 3 frigates encounters, Red Alerts etc

And somehow the charge makes no sense in how it operates, where does it gets the extra power from for each jump? Why does it jumps in the first place?

Maybe if it works like this: It its a target and destabilizes the taregts power systems, have them fluctuate and create a charge in the shield, then like a lightning jump to other targets, maybe all 3 extra targets at once.