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09-23-2011, 11:11 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Do you feel the Spinal Lance and Javelin are similarly underpowered?
I feel the maneuverability drags the value of the lance down and lacks synergy with the ability to equip cannons. (I know, standard reasoning right now says not to bother with the cannons.)

I can definitely see where some sacrifice is called for given the G-X perks but my 4 RCS console solution makes me the Don Quixote of Starfleet, tilting at windmills. There needs to be a more reasonable maneuverability sacrifice for the Galaxy-X. Would be nice for the Galaxy as well but unlike the Garamba, the G-X abilities have no synergy with eachother. We get taxed for having all those perks but nobody gets the benefits of all of those perks with a single build/loadout; it's akin to one of the more underpowered hybrids in classical MMOs... Like vanilla WoW Druids. The Garumba is more like a TBC Boomkin Druid by comparison.