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09-24-2011, 02:04 AM
I, for one, expect things to function in the way they appear to. I know I've submitted probably about 10 tickets so far (and I haven't even been playing for a month yet!), and I shouldn't have to get on the forums to find out that "oh, we've disabled that feature without removing it from the UI." Horrible decision IMO.

If there's one thing I HATE about some MMOs, it's finding bugs and then feeling like I'm too far removed from the company to have any recourse. Please don't be that way.

If you need to hire someone to help with the bug load, you should do it. It will likely save you revenue that might otherwise be lost from those who get fed up with your system.
If you feel like the in-game ticket system has problems, then fix it! I'd be happy if it even worked the way it's already set up to.

I just decided to get on here after working on a sizable mission and coming close to the end of it but being thwarted by a bug that prevented completion. That kind of stuff just makes me mad.