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09-24-2011, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by alkem View Post
Stuff like this makes it easier to just sit and farm emblems., if no one else is gonna play I won't either. If I could (for free) I'd rename Crudelis to Farmer Betty.

I used to really enjoy PVP. Thanks.

Additional: Sure PvP has been going to crap the last few months, broken skills, no new maps, players that soak up the broken skills, etc. Theres always been a few players that I know are going to be a good fight, a fight of skill and win or lose it's because we both actually tried instead of just "cheaping" the other guy. I see a couple of them in here and if this is what you're going to do, well that's pretty pathetic.
Remember the FAW fiasco? Of course you do. Those of you that never touched the broken skill, do you remember how fantastic it was to cannon **** the FAW spammers the day after the patch (and for awhile afterwards but particularly the first day)? It made all those cheap deaths worth it. Why? Because when it came down to it and their broken skill was removed (fixed) they weren't worth smeg anymore and many disappeared back to the PvE they came from (personally I'd have preferred them ask how to do a proper build and stick around but that's not what people want). For that matter, I still think "not so tough now" when I pop one of those FAW cruisers I remember. And when they pop me, I'm kinda glad to see they learned how to play well.
This will be the same way, once SS can be reliably cleared the scramble balls will vanish back into the PvE from whence they came and those of you that "fought fire with fire" can rest in the knowledge that, for a time, you were just as cheap and loathsome as those you were fighting against.
They'll have to fix the AOE Tric known as Torp Spread too. And we all know that's not going to happen anytime soon.
There is no skill in this game, if you want to win now. It's always been sci heavy, but now? There's just no point in playing my non sci toons. The only time I have fun anymore is in tournament. I can't even practice for tourny in the ques because of the crap pvp in this game.

If I'm going to take a game's pvp seriously it has to be worth doing so by being balanced and this game has Never Had That, nor will it Ever. And I'm sick of trying.