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09-24-2011, 01:02 PM
I think you took the wrong elements out of what I was wishing to express and I apologize if I did not present it in a correct manner.

Let me expound on my idea, it is not math hammered out and not taking into balance for pvp.

A slow ship with a low turning rate that has low shields (the current Vo'quv) has a hard time defending it's self being that it can't out shield one side or even turn to get a new shield facing to defend it's self fast enough. So I believe it needs a better defensive set maybe part active and part passive. Turrets that do cone damage vs killing type of torps maybe. Better shields with a better shield transfer rate.

An offensive system that does not rely on the very boring beams FAW spam that is super lame. Maybe only 4 weapon systems but they all count as 360? Maybe a torp that can fire up to 15K being your range of your fighters?

Maybe for command all ally ships in 7k get +5 to all power settings?

These are all very rough ideas with no math behind them but things I "my opinion" would like to see in a way that the dev team finds balanced and adequate.