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09-24-2011, 01:41 PM
Hey people,

I ran a search for this before posting, but nothing matching my question was presented.

Essentially, I am lieutenant 10 and while I have been told that I don't really need EC due to free ships every rank and how good the crafting system is, I'd still like to have a pool lying around. My main query is regarding item values and their sale value in vendors. For example, the value of the Photon Torpedo Launcher Standard Issue that came with my Miranda-class Light Cruiser was listed as 5 EC in the item info panel. However, when I went to the starship components vendor on ESD, the value was 2 EC.

Should I take the value listed in the infocard as the item's actual value?

If that is the item's EC value, where can I sell said item for it's full value? ESD does not pay that value, more like 50-75%. Traders in space seem to pay even less.

From what I can gather, the Exchange is similar to EvE Online's contract system or WoW's auction house, so I don't think i'll get full value for all my low tier loot there, if at all.

TLR; Where can I sell my loot for it's full advertised value?

Cheers guys, any feedback would be appreciated. Still a newb with this game